India Stock outlook for Aug 2020

3rd aug 2020

Nifty: 11073.45 - till it holds 11000, we are not going to sell. We are always a buyer. It can go to 11300 - 11500 till the time it doesn't break 1100.

Reliance: 2067.10 - Possibility of attempt upside due to a concept of hidden divergence. Take 4 hour chart to understand it with RSI
If starts moving above 2050 then it can go up to 2140-2150 atleast and if crosses and holds 2140-50 then next target could be 2300.

Bharatforg: 381.95 - From the low of 207 as of 7th April 2020 it has travelled to 381 and now it's travelling sideways. No trading zone between 375 - 400. Wait breakouts both sides.
Buy I f breaksout above 400 then it can go till 475.
Well I f breaksout below 375 then it can go down till 300.

ICICI bank: 346.80  till the time it holds 338-341 we can look for upside of 400-410.
It doesn't hold 338-341 then sell for downside of 310-300.

Axis bank: 431
Sell If it goes below 415
Buy if holds above 440


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