Valentine’s Day week list

Valentine's Day Week List: Gifts for every day and everyone

Whether you prefer the ostentatious method of going all out or a low-key, homely celebration, there are numerous ways to celebrate the festival of love. Valentine's day is preceded by Valentine week, and if you are not aware of the days, our list will surely enlighten you. Read on to know the Valentine Week list and unique gifts you can buy for everyone. The Valentine's Day Week 2020 begins on February 7, Friday with Rose day and continues for 7 days till the day of love which falls on February 14th, Friday. 

Here's the Valentine's Day week list-


Name of the day
7th February 2020, Friday
Rose Day
8th February 2020, Saturday
Propose Day
9th February 2020, Sunday
Chocolate Day
10th February 2020, Monday
Teddy Day
11th February 2020, Tuesday
Promise Day
12th February 2020, Wednesday
Hug Day
13th February 2020, Thursday
Kiss Day
14th February 2020, Friday
Valentine Day

The Valentine Week celebrates both gifting and gestures of love ranging from flowers, chocolates to kissing your loved one.

Valentine's Day 7 Day hamper

This gift hamper is a perfect gift for your loved one as it contains a special treat for every day of the week along with a couple mug that you can use to share your morning coffee. The hamper comes with roses for Rose Day, soft toys for Teddy day, chocolate sweets for Chocolate day and so on.

Valentine's Day gift for Husband

Surprise your spouse with a gift they might not expect and make them fall in love with you again. Be it a gadget or a timepiece, make Valentine day special by spoiling them with gifts as well as a date night to a special place.

Valentine's Day Gift for Wife

Shopping for your wife can seem a bit tedious, but it is all about paying attention to the little things and giving her something she might not expect. The choices can range from a luxurious jewellery set to an enticing perfume with notes she generally spritz herself with. Luxury beauty products, a new tech accessory are a few other options you can go for.

Valentine's day gift for Boyfriend

Impress your boyfriend this Valentine's day with unexpected gifts. Choose gifts based on his liking-be it music, football, photography or even his favorite show. From special favors to home-made delicacies, your surprise can include anything to his liking on this day of love.

Ask your crush to be your Valentine this Valentine's Day

For those who want to start their journey on love, Valentine's Day would be the perfect day to ask your crush out. Drop them subtle hints to let them know about your crush through heart-shaped chocolates and end the hunt with a big reveal of your affection that accompanies a heartfelt note and a gift. You can also give them a proposal card that speaks of your true feelings.

Valentine's Day gift for family members, friends and more

While Valentine's Day is especially celebrated and eagerly awaited by couples, the day of love can also be celebrated with every person in your life, be it your parents, friends or even your pet. Gifting your loved something they will absolutely adore is an extension of your love for them, so make sure you buy something for everyone. A box of chocolates is appreciated by almost everyone.


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