Viral Facts on PM Modi Ji on his Birthday

We have been always used to criticize Modi Ji, but today on his birthday I'll share some lesser known good things about him. Did you know:

Modi took birth twice – first on 29th August 1949 (on his degree) and second on 17th September 1950 (available in public domain). 

Modi, who was born in 1950, sold tea at the age of 6 years in Vadnagar railway station, But Vadnagar only had tracks passing through it. The actual railway station was built in 1973, when Modi was 23 years old.

Modi was underground during emergency but did his graduation from Delhi University in 1978.

Modi did Masters of Entire Political Science from Gujarat University in 1983 without the graduation certificate from Delhi University.

Modi is the only person in the world who has Masters' Degree in the Entire Political Science. Even Professors of Gujarat University came to know of this course after 2014.

Modi took admission in the Masters' of Entire Political Science degree alone, gave the exam alone, and took the degree alone. So far, no student or professor has claimed to have studied with Modi.  

Even before the introduction of computers in India, Modi's degree was printed by a computer.

Before Modi's degree in 1978 and even 10 years thereafter, degrees were hand written by the University staff.

The font that was patented by Microsoft in 1992, was used to print Modi's degree in 1978.

Modi's degree was printed on a Sunday, when offices were closed.

Happy birthday to Mudi Zi. If you guys still don't believe that Modi ji is superhuman, you are Anti-national!


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