Narendra Modi & Donald Trump

What probably happened:

Modi: Hello Donaald!

Trump: Yo, Mo'!

Trump: (Turning to press reporters) I was gonna call him "Narendra" but Modi is so much easier. And then I thought, hmmm, "Mo" is even better than "Modi", and rolls off the tongue, just rolls off. "Mo" is better than "Narendra." Narrrrrenndra! Sounds like one of those big beautiful motorbikes revving. Narrrrrrrrrrrrennnnndra!

Modi: (blinking and speechless, and slightly red in the face) …

Trump: So what's up, my little man?

Modi: I … what?...

Trump: So what do you to relax?

Modi: I … work. All the time…

Trump: See, that's the problem. You need to relax a bit. What do you do to relax?

Modi: I … er.. meditate. Very important to meditate. You should meditate

Trump: You want me to mediate?

Modi: Not mediate... Meditate.......Meditation!!

Trump: Mediate-meditate, tomato - tomaato, potato-potaato, it's all the same. So where do you wanna meditate-mediate?

Modi (wiping brow with large handerchief): It is best to meditate in a beautiful place

Trump: Like Kashmir?

Modi: Er.. yes…

The rest as they say, is breaking news.


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