Indian Tourist Stealing Souvenirs from a Bali Resort - Video

Indian tourist stealing souvenirs from Bali hotel.
Such people bring shame to us indians abroad.

This is a very sad reflection of travelers from India who took a lot of things from the hotel in Bali. When house keeping checked and reported missing items, the tourists started yelling and fighting with the hotel staff. Sad that they believe that you are wrong only if you get caught. A huge embarrassment not worth the loss of dignity. Luckily matters got sorted. As per law they could have served jail time for stealing as well as for disrespecting the officials...


  1. This is a real shame for Indians. These guys should be kept in Bali prison 😡

  2. The passport of These Kind is Indians should be banned and Bali police should fine them so heavily that they cannot thing of going vacation for another 10 years.

  3. Hahaha criminal minded indians

  4. Shame shame.....Make this video so viral that it reaches their locality and they are shamed


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