CCTV footage of couple at Delhi Metro station lands on porn website

A file photo of a Delhi Metro train

NEW DELHI: In a major privacy scare, CCTV footage of a couple involving in an intimate act at one of the Delhi Metrostations has landed on a porn website. The video as seen on the porn website reveals that it was recorded from the live feed inside the Delhi Metro CCTV control room on a smartphone on July 18 at around 2:22PM. The footage later was uploaded on a porn website and has already garnered over 1 lakh views. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) confirmed the incident and have lodged an FIR at Azadpur police station against the "unidentified couple." 

"The DMRC has lodged an FIR with the Delhi Police regarding this incident for obscenity in a public place. The police are further investigating this matter. We have passed all available information, details and footage of the incident to the police authorities and are providing all possible assistance in the matter to help the investigation," said Anuj Dayal, executive director-corporate communications, DMRC. 

"We would request the travelling public not to indulge in such activities on the metro system," added Dayal. 

When asked as to whether the DMRC has identified the person who has recorded the footage from the CCTV room, Dayal said, "We are taking action against the internal person involved." 

While it remains to be seen as to what the FIR against the "unknown couple" will lead to, the fact that someone inside DMRC is recording official CCTV footage on their smartphone and leaking it on a porn website should be a huge privacy and security concern for citizens. 

Questions will be raised about how DMRC employees and security officials handle CCTV footage that is meant to boost the general public's security and not used to harass or be used against them without their knowledge. Another issue this incident brings to light is whether and how video recordings in sensitive areas like Delhi Metro stations could fall in the wrong hands. 

Please try to avoid watching the Video but if you want to make sure its not you in the Video then watch it here.


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