1. *If your children lie to you often, it is because you over-react too harshly to their inappropriate behaviour.*

2. *If your children are not taught to confide in you about their mistakes, you've lost them.* 

3. *If your children had poor self-esteem, it is because you advice them more than you encourage them.* 

4. *If your children do not stand up for themselves, it is because from a young age you have disciplined them regularly in public.*

5. *If your children take things that do not belong to them, it is because when you buy them things, you don't let them chose what they want.*

6. *If your children are cowardly, it is because you help them too quickly.* 

7. *If your children do not respect other people's feelings, it is because instead of speaking, you order & command them.* 
8. *If your children are too quick to anger, it is because you give too much attention to misbehaviour & you give little attention to good behaviour.* 

9. *If your children are excessively jealous, it is because you congratulate them only when they successfully complete something & not when they improve at something even if they don't successfully complete it*

10. *If your children  intentionally disturb you, it is because you are not physically affectionate enough.*

11. *If your children are openly defiant, it is because you openly threaten to do something but don't follow through.*

12. *If your child is secretive, it is because they are sure that you would blow things out of proportion.*

13. *If your children back-answer to you, it is because they watch you do it to others & think its normal behaviour.*

14. *If your children don't listen to you but listen to others, it is because you are too quick to jump to conclusions* 

15. *If your children rebel it is because they know you care more about what others think than what is right*

*Pls share this to Parents who care to read this!*

*Positive Parenting!*


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