Why is the government turning a blind eye to this day light robbery?

Ambani company Reliance gave the "Patriotic" order the Enemy Country China to produce 30 million "Jio Mobile Set".
Reliance will import the JIO set for 10 million and Indians will be able to use the phone with a security deposit of Rs.1500.
But they will not sell the mobiles. If Not Sold, then 28% GST Will Not Be Paid to Government.

That means, 28 percent of the 100 million set of a set of 1500 GST means Rs.42 Billion Crores of taxes and there will be Fraudulent Tax Evasion of 12600 Crore.

Again, Reliance will return 1500 rupees after three years and will not get the phone back;
But Why???

Because these 30 million phones will not show up in the Purchase Account and will not show in the trading stock. Rather, the expenditure of 45 lakh crores of rupees will be shown in their account.

The more money you can show as expenditure, more tax will be exempted.
That means the income tax will be reduced by Rs.15 million crores, almost.

That envisages Rs.15 million crores of revenue loss. But for that Reliance need not have to spend any money, but account for the entire expenditure in the name of security deposit.

Three victims at one stroke:-

1) If the government is not given 28% GST, the product will be cheap.

2)They need not pay Rs.15 million crores tax by spending 45 million crores. (Income tax will be given by ordinary people, like you)

3) One-sided capture on the market for 3 years.


We the fools are shouting to boycott the people of China by boycotting of Diwali lights and Rakhis.

Why is the governmboycotting of Diwali lights and Rakhis.

Why is the government turning a blind eye to this day light robbery.???

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